I’m currently using oh-my-zsh for my zsh configuration and plugins and I’ve been relatively happy with all the features it provides. However, it can be a bit heavy weight. I’m always looking for new plugin managers (zsh, neovim, etc.) that provide a light, flexible, and yet feature rich.

This is how I found zap-zsh, a new zsh plugin manager; I was revamping my neovim config (away from LazyVim) to a hand crafted config when I stumbled upon zap-zsh, from the creator of LazyVim.

However, I didn’t want to give it a go and take the chance (despite having my zsh config in source control) of messing up my development machine. A virtual machine was the easy way out but I decided to force myself to make and use a docker image to test out the features and modify it to my liking.

You can benefit from my efforts (assuming you have a working Docker install) by pulling my Docker image from GitHub: https://github.com/curtisbridges/docker-zap-zsh

Instructions are in the repo’s README.md