My home desk setup

As a professional developer and a long time enthusiast, I’ve built up a preference for some specific computing environment. While I prefer macOS for most things, my heart still lies with Linux despite not being able to use it much professionally.

Here is my setup. Links provided are affiliate links, which will give me a small kickback if you use them to buy anything – at no cost to you.

Common Accessories

Main Computer

I’ve been a long time Mac user. Currently, I’m using a 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max.

I use this machine for general computing and work as a fullstack javascript web developer.

Secondary Computer

This is my hobby/fun computer. I used to game a lot more on it but I haven’t found that as enjoyable anymore.

Server & Rack Components

Home networking setup

  • Beelink SER5 MAX
    • 2TB NVMe OS drive
    • 4TB SSD data drive
    • 4TB DAS backup drive
    • Proxmox
      • TrueNAS Scale
      • Docker & Portainer host
  • UniFi home network rack
  • House has been wired with CAT6, 20 ports in all.
  • Nest Doorbell (1st gen), Nest Cam w/floodlight (garage), Nest Smoke & CO alarm, Nest Thermostats (x3)
  • Various UPS and NAS, not notable enough to specify.

Common Platform Software

  • All my settings are in my dotfiles
  • Editors: VS Code and neovim
  • Shell: zsh, oh-my-zsh, and starship prompt
  • Terminal: Alacritty and tmux
  • Tools: git, node.js, React, Docker
  • Font: FiraCode Nerd Font
  • Browsers: Chrome & Firefox
  • Comms: Slack, Teams, Discord

Mac Specific Software

  • MacOS: Safari, Mail, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Music
  • Hammerspoon (lua programmable automation software)
  • 1Password (password manager) (for now)
  • Alfred (a better Sherlock)
  • Rectangle (better window management)
  • Ivory (Mastodon client)
  • Overcast (Podcast client)