Day 3 is a key day for this course: this is when we first get into the frameworks and APIs that allow us to actually program for iOS.

I was not disappointed.

We immediately dove right in and created a new iOS app project. To start, it was just a simple quiz design, with two labels and two buttons; hitting the question button would display one of the preloaded questions on the question label and hitting the answer button displays the corresponding answer on the answer label. Simple, but effective in learning some of the basics of the tools and two basic ui controls.

Once the introduction project was completed, we moved on to creating our own custom control that drew its own visualization on the screen using lower level drawing functions. This is a good project because you can immediately see possibilities on how this could be used in our own projects in the future. This project finished with a challenge to place an image on the screen which added a bit of polish.

This project continued in the next chapter, and taught us how to handle scrolling, zooming, and paging. All necessary concepts in UI development.

Next, we added a tab bar controller – a very common view controller in iOS applications. Looking at the results, you can finally see that you’ve learned some of the basics of iOS programming at this point. This is a great feeling to end Day 3.

I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow.